The mission of Our Company is to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for all constituents. This includes our clients, employees, vendors, and the communities we serve.


CA Jivan Jagtap, is an experienced, 'CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT' with more than 10 years of experience.

He has worked with reputed consulting firms in Satara as an 'Article Assistant', in the initial days of his career & then worked as independent 'CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT' with top National and Domestic Banks, Financial Institutions & Corporate Companies in India, serving on their 'GST, Service Tax all kind of Taxation, Auditing, Forensic Accounting, Corporate Finance, Accounting System & Processes, Liaise with Clients (Individuals or Businesses)' assignments.

He has worked with many of the esteemed Govt. & defence clients in India, including various sectors like Corporate Companies, Hotel Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Petrol Pump, Individual defence personnel, etc.

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We accomplish our mission through focused efforts, hard work, and purpose. In everything we do as a CA firm.

we are all equally committed to living our core values. It is more than just doing the right thing. Our core values define the spirit of our people, the work that unites us, and the essence of the JIVAN JAGTAP & CO;

as culture that brings us tremendous satisfaction and pride.

Focus on the Client

Excellence in client service

is our trademark of Jivan Jagtap & Co. We are in business to serve, but exceed our clients’ expectations. We never put our own needs before those of our clients.

Keep Our Commitments

Our word is our honor

at Jivan Jagtap & Co.
When we say we are going to do something, we see it through to completion.

Treat People with Respect

Regardless of the situation

with which we are confronted,
Jivan Jagtap & Co. will always show the utmost respect.We treat all people
the way we like to be treated.


Regardless of the role

we play at Jivan Jagtap & Co; every employee strives to excel in their work on a daily basis. We are go-getters who hold ourselves to high standards and are driven to excellence in all we do.

Overall Evaluation

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Continuous Learning

We strive to improve the efficiency

and effectiveness of everything we do. We will constantly keep up-to-date in the technical areas of our service offerings, anticipate changes, and share best practices to optimize business performance.


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